Leelee Eko Toyosi Davis is a Canadian-born, genderqueer, performing artist, program designer, educator, and public speaker. Being of Nigerian/Trinidadian/French descent, their ideology reflects this diverse background and roots itself in the power of art to transcend. They have comprehensive experience and education in performance, leadership development, and theatre creation. They have trained extensively in transformational methodologies. Known for their powerful collaborations with artists, individuals, and organizations. Davis' professional career spans social justice, grassroots organizing, and theatre making. Their artistic practice blends traditional barriers between performance, life, stage, and experience. As such, Davis brings a unique skill set and viewpoint to the art they make, and to the development of today's young leaders and artists. Here is where the visceral and ethereal of life get juxtaposed together and rooted in possibility. Davis' work builds bridges and pathways to revealing the human experience. They invite you into ideas of what it means to be alive on the planet in 2018.See their upcoming work and performance with Lou Sheppard in performance, dance, and choreographic aspects of A Strong Desire at the Khyber Centre For The Arts, May 2018 in Halifax, Nova Scotia